Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 107 : reflections of the city

An American colleague was perplexed about “the British obsession with the weather” and wondering why it was generally our first enquiry and often the response to how we are. He lives in the mid west so perhaps was so accustomed to reliable seasonal weather it never occurs to him that our weather can best be described as schizophrenic.

For example today, we were leaving for an appointment at a client near London Bridge, quickly looked out of the window at the general gloom and spitting. By the time we were outside the rain was violent with blustery turn-your-umbrella-insideout wind. Because the umbrella was struggling so much to do its, job we got utterly soaked trying to hail a taxi. After our appointment in a building some call the Dark Star, bade our farewells and were greeted by the bluest of blue skies, no hint of the wind and rain and with just the odd wispy cotton wool cloud. The sun had definitely got his hat on!

Another appointment was awaiting in the city and when that was dispatched I was able to see if I could capture the “Erotic Gherkin” in all its sparkling glory. I do love a shiny glass building and the play of the reflections of the surrounding building and environment on the windows. Here I had all the wonderful facets of the Gherkin’s surface in addition to another favourite, the reflection of the sky in a mirrored surface. I was offered all that and more with this little gleaming cityscape.


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