Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 114 : colour soaked streets

I'm picking my way through the puddles on route to Liverpool Street tube station after a photography social. Luckily the rain had more or less stayed away for our foray into dead presidents tonight (okay Berlusconi isn't dead, but many wish he was!). Now, however it was rain-slicking the pavements and reflecting the multitude of lights of the traffic and the street beyond. One of the skyscrapers has a strip of rainbow coloured lights illuminating one corner and I wondered if I find it reflected in a puddle.

I couldn't because the angle wasn't right but as I walked along more of the ground was splashed with colour. As the traffic light changed the scene at my feet altered. I preferred the effect of the red so waited for the white stripes of the oncoming traffic, the red of the stop light, the yellow of the now star-shaped street lights and blue of the station entrance sheltering a couple of umbrella toting people. The whole picture was reminiscent of an impressionist painting.


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