Thursday, 11 April 2013

Day 101 : a century plus

I've actually managed to maintain a photo-a-day blog for a whole one hundred days. Okay, I admit the photos aren't always posted in the relevant 24 hours and I often have a catch up at the weekend but I'm just about there. However, despite really not knowing why I started this challenge, it's become very important to me. Some days, particularly the Monday to Friday ones, my sanity is stretched to its limit and pausing for a moment, several moments to look around and find an element of beauty, quirkiness, abstraction and just plain noticing things about me is utterly vital daily succour!

One day I may point my camera up at the sky, pink-streaked sunsets, golden sunrises and expressive clouds, the next day down towards the ground at some bold daffodil head, a pink bud unfurling its petals or sparkling raindrops. Many days I seem to train my camera on, ironically, tube trains, platforms and occasionally passengers...or at least their legs. I've loved my initial forays into photographing a miniature world but still struggle shooting real people's faces. If I needed any confirmation, I'm just not street enough to be a street photographer!

I'm excited as to what the next 100, and then the next 100 and the rest will bring. There's so many great photographs out there to capture, let's hope I can do a few of them justice!


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