Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 95 : Cosette twins

It's a Friday night and I'm on the last tube again, it wasn't my intention but somehow it has happened again. The high point, however, is that tube is full with a more colourful and livelier bunch than your average fare on a “school night”. Maybe I can get myself some nice shots, I'm currently lacking my daily photo I think.

The late night on a Friday that many are more well-oiled than usual and really seemed nonplused by my not very surreptitious firing away. I am particularly taken with a French girl sat opposite with her companion. I know she's French, or at least speaks fluent French, as they're deep in a Gallic conversation. After her friend leaves I try for another composition and suddenly notice a Les Miserables poster pasted up on the platform behind her head. Hmmm, if only shed move her head I think as she leans forward to replace her skyscraper heels with some flats. I think I may have found Cosette!


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