Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 113 : it's all fun and games...

...until someone loses a head! When U visits us in London from her usual office in the leafy outskirts of Berlin she brings Haribo for our delectation. Sometimes it’s long coils of jelly snakes, sometimes tangy sour sugared cherries and also today a ’sleuth’ of gummy bears (yes, who knew the collective term for bears is sleuth or sloth). After U had left for the evening it did occur to me to ponder what would happen if the gummy bears (or Gummibaerchen) go bad. It's hard to guess what happened here but that looks quite a clean cut there. Not sure if I can figure who looks the guiltiest, the red Gummy Bear really didn't want to stand up, but that be grief or contrition!


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