Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 104 : girl on bling!

The fabulous Swedish C has also acquired a collection of HO/OO figures to facilitate the creations of some miniature scenarios. In one shot her bathers were draped over various fruit and very curiously in another a German Stasi plus very scary looking dog (Doberman, maybe?) patrolled a dish of sliced tomatoes.

Her lovely pictures inspired me to lift the lid on my box of assorted mini people and various animals. Having such an abhorrence to tomatoes I thought I'd try something similar but on something considerably more up my boulevard, fabulous sparkly rings! I thought she looked rather demure perched daintily on one of my favourites. A glass of fizz would be more appropriate I think, but she's got a cup of tea or coffee instead!

Next I plan to do something with my pint-sized penguins, not sure what yet but all will be revealed soon.


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