Saturday, 13 April 2013

It's fashion darlings!

We've been looking forward to today for ages. I've never worked in anything resembling a studio before and I don't go out of my way to photograph people but this seemed such an opportunity. And we've chosen a model, a look - glamorous vintage Hollywood, a lighting scheme, polished up our lenses and are raring to go.

We have two talented stylists envisioning our desired looks who've amassed a fabulous collection of be-sequinned, satiny dresses, fur stoles, cloche hats, long gloves, cigarette holders, folding binoculars and oodles of sparkly jewellery bits.

Our model is coiffed and painted whilst our expert photographer tutors us on achieving the look we’re aiming for, using more traditional lights and the power of remote flash synching.

It certainly takes longer than I originally thought to get the perfect look and having so many eager photographers with itchy shutter fingers in our compact studio, it’s tricky to get your own personal time in front of the model, directing your shots and controlling the flash lights.

It was a great experience, I especially loved the ’Audrey’ look, we were very fortunate with our model and she knew how to work it. I didn't realise I’d learn so much, become so enraptured by the process and am now keen to try more.

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