Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 99 : getting closer

A new bit of kit arrived today in the post, a B+W NL4 close up filter. I've signed up for a wildflower workshop in a couple of weeks and it was mentioned on the possible equipment list. My camera already has a macro setting but I figured that if I can give it an optical boost with a decent piece if glass, (in preference to digital) I can just get that much closer. I was eager to give it a trial run so the lilies at reception seemed a fine subject and I was pleased that I could get sooo close. My camera (or should I say my new filter) was touching the stamen and I could still achieve focus. It was weird, initially I couldn't fathom why the lily in my sights kept moving and there wasn't the merest breeze. But it was the too close a photographer causing the disturbance.

Bring on the Kent wildflowers, I'm ready!


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