Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 93 : Not Star Wars!

Tonight was Photography Social night and as usual when I see the themes I veer towards abstract interpretations rather than the more literal staging of a scene. With the categories of Top Gun, Being John Malkovich, North by Northwest, Star Wars and Cliff Hanger, plus the bonus of Basic Instinct, it was initially quite tough. My first thought for Star Wars was trying to capture the infuriatingly random bursts of lights that would suddenly appear from underneath a nearby bridge. You couldn't really anticipate when or where they'd next appear so have to hedge your bets and point your camera up towards the part of the brick roof you'd figure would be the most productive. Eventually, before my arms got utterly fatigued, I got something that almost worked, with the bonus it looked a little like a Union Jack.

The team had more cinematic ideas. Get two of our troupe to stand facing one another in some mock fighting stance with a single fist clenched and aloft. Another two would stand behind drawing the beam of a light sabre with a mobile phone torch from mid air to the clenched fist. A final person would shoot the ensemble for a few seconds shutter speed hopefully catching an image with two straight beams clashing in battle. In reality keeping the virtual beams straight was very challenging so most looked a little limp and it being such an incredibly bitter night there was a limit to the number of retakes we could encourage everyone to endure. Fabulous idea though and more dramatic than my fairy light star burst, though I still rather like it.


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