Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 106 : Canary Blue!

I did an architecture workshop in Canary Wharf one Saturday a year or so ago. Before we hit the empty streets we were talking about some techniques and good spots for certain shots. One of the participants asked if we'd have any problems photographing here. Our tutor told us not to worry and as long as we weren't on private property we could take photographs. I mentioned that the entire wharf is private property so we could get challenged. And we did! Especially on a weekend, there aren't too many people strolling around, there are plenty milling around the shops but less buzzing around the tall buildings. This intrigued the large security force and seeing this bunch of surely what they perceive to be reprobates shiftily photographing their precious buildings they were convinced we were casing the joint. Once we'd promised not to photograph the cameras (surely the dullest picture ever) we were allowed to proceed.

That day was very dull, weather wise with a bland, white sky. I had hoped to capture a blue sky reflected in the shiny buildings but I was getting the desired look.

Today the sky was suddenly very blue and whilst exploring the sculptures in the little oasis by Jubilee Place I turned round and noticed one of the imposing building framed against a perfect sky with little white fluffies. With the dwarfed trees flanking the building, I was suddenly transported somewhere else far from Canary Wharf. Though sadly I was still there, and still had work to do. Camera away, back to the coalface!


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