Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 116 : assorted figures and a couple of zombies

On leaving my client I had a sudden urge to depart by the back door instead as it would be a shorter route to the main road. I always take an interest in my clients’ art, between them they have some amazing pieces, some famed for their beauty, others for the investment. But this one utterly stopped me in my tracks.

They have an entire wall dedicated to a map of the world made from model railway figures set in white plaster. Each figure represents their employees at that location. The model figures look exactly like some of mine (I have a much smaller woman in the pink dress, hat and bag striding off purposely in the middle of the image) but two to three times the size. I am guessing in model railway parlance, they are G scale.

They were really tricky to photograph due to the lights reflecting on the glass surface. I couldn't even attempt to capture the entire map due to its size so I worked on a couple of vignettes.

A fact that really intrigued me, several model figures were encrusted with a fine layer of flaky grey substance. I couldn't imagine the artist intended to include zombies in their artwork, or maybe they represent something else. An in joke? The artistic equivalence to an Easter Egg? Id love to know but suspect it’ll remain a mystery.


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