Monday, 31 August 2015

Day 243: pleasing bokeh

Whilst combing the streets of Soho for decisive moments I also wanted to put the gorgeous Leica Q through its paces when it came to macro photography.​ This wasn't part of our remit, but crucial to my decision regarding should I join the queue for the Q? So I needed to find little flower specimens so I can check out that legendary Leica bokeh. Though, despite the fact that we were circling the fringes of a market, there wasn't too much to catch my eye. I spotted a bloom poking through a trolley that was just going to whisk them off back to the van, but I didn't quite nail the exposure.

Luckily I stumbled across some low hanging baskets outside a pub crammed with flowers that I could practice with. Oh and some macaroons in a window...mmmm! In between looking for pleasing frames for my set, and flower hunting, I stalked pigeons and wing mirrors (the latter being more accommodating), sought out graffiti and street art.


And the final conclusion, the macro lens quite simply took my breath away. All in all more evidence to my case for adding a Q into my life. Really, do I need an excuse, what could be better than a Leica? Er perhaps, two Leicas!

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