Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Day 244: Canary Wharf on high

I have a late customer appointment at Canary Wharf, and before I go into the building and sign in I am compelled to capture the dying embers of the day. Looking back to where I've just travelled from, I can see the Shard silhouetted against the orange and amber streaks on the bruising sky all rather beautifully reflected in the water of the wharf.

Luckily I've still got my camera slung around me on arriving to the meeting room; and whilst the computer is still being set up I can shoot the similar view but from seventeen storeys higher. I'm loving the curve of the Thames snaking away in a huge glistening S shape. This is such a different view that what we have from our building, I'd love to explore more. It looks like there could be a very promising sunset too but I must be good as I have a class to run. With a tiny sigh of reluctance, I tear myself away and stow my camera and twitchy shutter finger too, so I can't possibly be tempted.

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