Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Day 231: a photo of a drawing of a photo

I was taking an unusual route back to our building, there is a pedestrian walkway here as such but really it's the buses that rattle past this spot. I'd been unaware of this Nathan Bowen graffiti hidden down here, which according to his website is a nod to the well known Charles Clyde Ebbets photograph "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" taken in 1932. In seems appropriate with all the recent and continuing building work taking place around London Bridge Station to have the little hard-hatted 'demon' figures wearing high-vis jackets with the London skyline behind them. I particularly like the fact that the Shard is there, whether our building is also there is unclear and the figure looking a little like a scary Father Christmas is obscuring where it should be.

Nathan Bowen is famed for his demon characters, and the demon builders often turn up on some hoardings near a building site. I've seen other exponents of his guerrilla artwork around London, this piece apparently appeared here early December 2013. Clearly I need to keep my eyes open more.

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