Sunday, 2 August 2015

Day 214: selected poppies

The Photography Challenge group has chosen ‘selected colour’ to be one of its options this week. I always fare pretty badly in these weekly challenges; I had never even had a sniff of a highly recommended and nowhere near the coveted gold, silver or bronze spots. And occasionally one has to look at one of the winners and go "really?", but there’s never an explanation and the judges’ word is final so you shrug, wonder what they are really looking for and try again. For my personal tastes some of the winning shots have been HDRed to near destruction. But hey, one day I might surprise myself and somehow penetrate the elusive winner’s enclosure.

My little Leica has a selected colour option (or one point colour, as it calls it) but I thought I would try something in post-processing instead. I wanted to have a strong red colour splash and was looking at previous pictures of poppies for inspiration. I carefully removed all the colour bar red from a few, but decided the poignant ceramic poppies from last year’s Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red art installation at the Tower of London was my favourite. As we were lucky to (courtesy of L(a)’s ministrations) get a volunteer poppy "planting" spot one early Sunday we had the privilege to photo the poppies up close and personal, so we could get a great angle on the poppies against a glorious blue sky. Or in the case of my altered picture, a glorious grey sky!

I managed to rack up a few likes (though that has no bearing on the results) but for a notoriously Marmite style of photographic technique, I rather liked it!

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