Sunday, 9 August 2015

Day 221: down by the river

This afternoon was just one of the moments that I am truly captivated by where I live. Before I left the house to stroll into town to pick up some essential bits, I check out of my window and spot the ominous looking rain clouds so made sure I had an umbrella about my person. Being borne of a place where light precipitation seems the norm, I'm never short of an umbrella.

All too soon the shops start shutting their doors and it's time to head home. I figured I'd walk by the river rather than down the main street and was rewarded with all this. Rain clouds vanquished and I'm sat down by the river looking up at the bluest of cornflower skies just watching the world drift by.

The riverside is dotted with others delighted by this end of the weekend bonus. There's a busker performing rather well whilst the ducks, Canada geese and swans are excited that several residents have brought bread. There are rowers manoeuvring their craft from their moorings and then swiftly rowing under Richmond Bridge. There are several people licking ice creams, others swigging from bottles procured from any of the many surrounding bars, and a man in front of me has removed his shirt and is deeply engrossed in his book. There's a small van vending frozen drinks, a couple of guys drumming up trade for a boat trip to Windsor, and a balloon seller wearing ugly too-tight leggings being mostly ignored by everyone.

Yes, this isn't bad, not bad at all. I am lucky to live here!

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