Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day 238: rain inspiration

Ah the rain is back, back, back. This is not light precipitation but an utter deluge. I'm at a customer waiting for the lift to leave and the window next to the lifts overlooks St Bride's Church across the road. The church is famous for the tiered appearance of the spire, and some believe the Sir Christopher Wren designed church inspires the look of wedding cakes today. It's also the church for journalists and the media because of the historic connection with the newspaper printing industry that used to be very present on Fleet Street. When Reuters upped sticks from Fleet Street to head for Canary Wharf, I recall there was a farewell ceremony in the church as this was Fleet Street's last link to its media past.

St Bride's is partially obscured by the raindrops on the window and it made me think I should try and use the rain splattered windows to good effect. I got to return to the office and the rain is still pouring so I might be able to get some inspiration through the window of a black cab.

But after various attempts I realise I really need it to be darker and have lots of vibrant lights vying for my attention. But it is midday, and not dark enough so I'm going to have to think of a plan B.

As the cab drives over London Bridge my right side view is entirely obscured by the oncoming traffic and on my left is the pavement filled with umbrella toting pedestrians and then in the distance is Tower Bridge. I see my shot and hope I can capture the two together. I think I managed it. This isn't shot in monochrome, it was just that sort of day!

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