Monday, 10 August 2015

Day 222: what have I been up to?

I’ve been meaning to create a roundup of my 365 photo a-day blog posts for ages but just haven’t got around to it. I thought maybe after 100 days, or 150 then 200. But I didn’t and now randomly I'm rounding up on the 222nd day of the year. Above is about ¾ of the photos so far, but even though a quick glance shows my obvious obsessions I thought I’d create an Excel spreadsheet (naturally), to analyse the past two hundred and twenty one days in greater detail.

Entirely not surprisingly, the top spot is taken by flowers and other flora at 68 photographs (31%). Then 43 that really defy categorisation, a pink gnome, a silver spoon, a mummy etcetera! Not surprising 10% of the daily shots are sunsets, with the odd (rare) sunrise. I have taken so many more than that but haven’t posted them all.

Then the fourth slot is a new entry; photos of our pointy neighbour, The Shard (7%) followed closely by night/blue hour photography (6%). Then London scenes and stations/trains account for nearly 6% each. 5% is another obsession, all that is sparkly, and then 4% are shots of Richmond (still no deer though). Finally 5 Zentangle posts, 4 Leica flavoured and 2 little penguins!

When I last tackled a photo-a-day project, The Shard barely had a look in and the tendency towards late night photography on the tube was more prevalent. There's always been an abundance of flower photography because I do love them, but I think jewellery is featuring more regularly now rather than penguins. Though in 2013 I did feature my black diamond penguin pendant, cleverly combining two passions there!

By this time in 2013 I'd racked up two fabulous trips to France. On the first long weekend to La Dordogne I ended up with many hundreds of photographs of poppies and the second trip was the luxury barging trip around Burgundy. Not a photography holiday per se, but I sure took a lot of photos. Oh and ate lashings of tasty food and drank some delicious wine. Hmmm maybe 'some' isn't quite the right word here!

But I've been to a wedding, a first holy communion, a Circus performance, a couple of workshops in Kew and others farther away in Kent. I've got my happy on with Happy Camera, delved into pinhole camera photography for the first time and emersed myself in studio lighting techniques. And there's so much more to come.

I've still got two incredible photographic adventures to ahead of me this year, in Lapland and New York, and an impromptu business trip to Barcelona. I foresee an abundance of photography lies ahead, much, MUCH more than my daily shot quota. And I really cannot wait, watch this space!

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