Thursday, 6 August 2015

Day 218: life on the ocean waves!

So, due to massive tube deprivation I decide to take to the river. I’m at Canary Wharf and it’s been an utter pain to get here as of course the roads and bridges are absolutely rammed with traffic. My travel app suggests a riverboat back to Waterloo and it does seem a pleasant option rather than a bus or several.

The queue is growing and growing as clearly many deprived passengers in Canary Wharf have had a similar idea. I can’t see where to get a ticket but no one else seems to be trying to get one so I figured I can work it out on board.

I can’t resist taking some photos of the glorious big, blue sky with one of the other river boats heading off to snake down the Thames to reach the city. I was hoping we could sit on the roof and I could shoot all the way along the river, but the cruiser was mostly covered over and the tiny outside area was packed. But the windows were smeary scratched plastic and feeling frustrated I just had to squeeze out and try and find a suitable spot unencumbered by windows.

It’s definitely giving me a taste for taking to the river, when the days get shorter and we can grab a bit more of that blue hour shooting, I really want to build up my photographic sea legs.

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