Friday, 7 August 2015

Day 219: impossible sunset

Wow it's déjà vu, I'm here again on a Friday night. The office (or at least my floor) is completely devoid of other people. I am staring at my screen but out of the corner of my eye, I espy the shiny buildings outside, as they seem to be glowing orange. Hmmm I think I need a window, and I also some height!

I grab my camera and head upstairs. I try the door to the balcony on the 14th floor and I'm in luck, depending who's on security, that little avenue of pleasure could be closed. I manoeuvre myself into my favourite spot, in between the two glass walls that surround the balcony. I'm assuming the double wall is a safety feature but it's also a photography impediment so it has to be breached. Sometimes a passing security guard will want to rail against this apparent insubordination but generally they just stand there and scowl. I must point out that the glass walls are about my eye level so I'm not sure how I could possibly get over it, if ever the mood struck. Maybe the second wall makes it impossible to insert something to climb up on top of and heave yourself over, but I'm sure if there really was a will, they'd be a way. Maybe that's why there are no chairs on the balcony either. There are some chunky wooden seats set into the floor at the far end by the raised flower beds, but not in front of "the view".

Tonight the giant golden ball in the sky attracts some other would-be photographers clutching their iPhones and where they see my prime spot, they also join me in the no man's land.

It is a stunner tonight; the sun is so enormous and emerges briefly from between two banks of deep purple clouds on the horizon. It's so bright and improbably every shade of yellow, orange and red you've ever seen...and then it's gone!

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