Saturday, 29 August 2015

Day 241: taming the chaos Leica style!

Sadly I was too sick to attend the last Leica Akademie workshop I signed up for, so take two for the Leica London workshop! There was a small group today so we had more critique time. We were given the brief of "taming the chaos" in the streets of Soho, and were set forth to try and build a set of shots representing our take on the environs. After a few hours of shooting we returned to their enviable studio, to hit Lightroom, and scrutinise our efforts. In a moment of rashness I opted to borrow their latest piece of camera-joy, the Leica Q for the day. This could take me down a dangerous path of increased camera ownership. And not surprisingly, I really, REALLY loved it!

Looking through my images, I had an eclectic collection of bits of shiny mopeds, a weird obsession with chasing pigeons, customers squeezing fruit and discussing the merits of one peach over another in the little market, the ever present graffiti/Street art, the vibrant shop doorways and photos shot down the little alleyways.

We had to select a set of our images to fit the theme, so these photos from 'my' (albeit only briefly) Leica Q were deemed the most appropriate triptych of all my shots today to present. I've subtitled my collection "I could punch Damien Hirst", but you have to look closely at the drainpipe to ascertain why.

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