Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 224: pictures at an exhibition

I finally got to the Bleeding London exhibition at the mayor's place, City Hall, before it ends (I thought that was going to be this Friday, but subsequently learnt it has been extended until the 4th September). Here's one of my submitted photos and my minifig mini-me. m(A) was kind enough to accompany me and take my reluctant portrait with my gnome submission for the Facebook group.

It has transpired I haven't posted as many of my Bleeding London photographs as I thought I had; just adding them to Facebook and creating a folder on my iPad is clearly insufficient. I will concede that this wasn't very clever of me, so I will have to address that I think!

There are some really great shots in the exhibition, and JT has done a fantastic job on the curation, get there whilst you can!

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