Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day 239: subterranean restoration blues!

My beloved iPad Air (about 21 months old) had developed a serious attitude when I tried to upload photos to it to process (something I do pretty much daily for my 365 photo-a-day blog). So I organised a date with an Apple Genius last night in Covent Garden, who said the only solution was for them to give me a brand new replacement, and so they did. "You have backed it up" they asked. "Ummm, I use the iCloud" I respond. So I then only had to see if the iCloud has been safely squirreling away my 5k+ (not backed up anywhere else) photos all this time. I was told that a restoration from the cloud would take "a while" so I should kick it off when I could plug the new iPad in, and crucially rely on WiFi.

So I thought I'd better get my precious package home!

On the escalator down to the Piccadilly Line at Leicester Square (as Covent Garden tube is currently exit only), I was taken by how different the decor is to my more familiar Jubilee Line industrial urban look escalator jouneys. Some of the Jubilee Line eschew adverts so the cool gunmetal steel isn't broken up by all that random colour. This escalator is more traditional, and there's a moment when only one woman is riding the escalator. Moments later the escalator appears completely full. Either she's super speedy getting off, or else lingered after the previous tube disgorged it's passengers.

On arriving home I started the big restore and waited...and then waited. This morning it was showing a patchy restoration of my photos. It seemed to favour those that had been processed. But I figured it might just carry on. And after 24 loooong hours I can report that it seems to have retrieved nearly 50GB of images, plus everything else it should have done, successfully. Phew, I'm just a little bit relieved!


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