Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 216: the saddest poppy

Thinking of previous poppy pictures for the colour splash challenge on Sunday I was struck that I haven’t seen a poppy even from a distance this year. Not one, not even an elusive out of my reach one by the side of the train tracks or tucked away in someone’s garden. And then I had been photographing the view from the windswept balcony on the fourteenth floor. Fortunately I was prepared for it this time by deploying a handy hair tie I had around my wrist so that every shot I took didn’t have my own hair whipping in front of the lens as on previous visits.

I was just going to return inside out of the testy wind but I thought I’d check out the raised beds for anything interesting and there it was, one lone rather dilapidated tiny clump of poppies being buffeted by the gusts. The first poppy of the year! Okay not the finest of specimens but it might be the only poppy I get in front of my lens this year. So I descend upon this vibrant streak of scarlet amongst the lavender, and shoot it from every angle. Okay first poppy…any chance of a second?

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