Saturday, 8 August 2015

Day 220: outfoxing the fox!

The urban fox is a wily creature; we have many around the streets where I live, especially as many years ago the next door neighbours used to put food out for them every night. So either old foxes have very long memories or the legend of the nightly feast has been passed down through the foxy generations. But they are tricky to photograph, they cross your path in the dark and the moment you've raised your camera, they have slunk off into the shadows.

I'm approaching home much earlier than I do on a normal school night, and I'm surprised to see Mr Fox isn't waiting for the dark to explore the gardens in the vain hope there's an early evening snack for his troubles. He runs across my path and then across the road to hide behind the parked cars. But a neighbour is grabbing something from their boot which makes the fox feel uncomfortable, so he's on the move again. I was hoping if I stood on the pavement where I last saw him, he would saunter back. And for once he did.

It’s not the best of fox shots, but by far the most legible I’ve achieved yet. And then another one of my neighbours, sporting a most unflattering day-glo lycra outfit, rather gets in the way of my photo but on the other hand, he kind of makes it! I often see him at the bus stop in the morning, and his business attire is definitely way slicker!


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