Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 269 : macro Macro!

The lovely U has bought me some tiny photographers from Berlin and sitting around with my fellow photography friends gave me an idea. There are always cameras strewn across the table amongst the pint glasses or wine glasses and bottles in the pub and I thought I'd put one of them to good use. Firstly I was going to use F’s for my prop but whilst I was screwing on my close-up filters she randomly managed to knock her wine over both her own camera and all the sundry things lying on the table. I don't think there was any harm done but after wiping all the wine off her camera she opted to tuck it away safely.

I decided to try again at another table. There was another camera camera conveniently lying around. And very conveniently the grooved rubber grip around the lens made a perfect place to stand one of my little photographers. The challenge was to add a little more light to the scene. One of our esteemed tutors has the incredibly appropriate surname of Macro and he has an excellent idea to light my miniature snapper. He ripped open a metallic crisp packet and uses the silvery interior to add the needed highlights to my figure.

We decide that he's adopting Macro’s stance so a macro Macro it is!


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