Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 263 : and then there were six..or seven!

It was very curious, the elephant had disappeared! It was last seen balancing on an orange sat on top of the partition between EM and myself. And then they were gone. We figured it was because our CEO, who has an extraordinary capacity for concerning himself about minutiae, is due to visit. We've already gotten rid of all the cupboards, coat stands and plants at his behest it wouldn't surprise me if a tiny rubber elephant and a precarious orange would push him over the edge.

There seemed to only one solution - obtain more elephants, a small army of elephants. The lone grey elephant re-materialised, it had bounced off its perch, most likely when the cleaner has knocked the desk with the vacuum cleaner. But even though the mystery is solved, half a dozen more multicoloured elephants are winging their way to us. On arrival we realise that the heads, trunks and bodies are interchangeable so that's exactly what's happened. I think I prefer them all one colour so I get them to pose as thus before mixing up all their parts again and return them to their station on the partition. We've discovered that SB finds their pointy trunks “threatening”, so naturally they are placed back all lined up in a row staring at him! Who can seriously be spooked by a pack of little rubber elephants, pointy trunks or not?


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