Friday, 13 September 2013

Day 256 : Rocky Horror rain storm

Did I say it rained yesterday? I take it back as today it rained. Rained and rained, really rained, proper soak to the skin, possibly will never get dry again rain. AL had kindly gifted me a ticket to the open air film of the Rocky Horror Picture show at Kew Gardens for my birthday. Did I say it was open air?

Well that's okay I had carefully packed a waterproof backed picnic rug, a raincoat and umbrella, what could possibly go wrong?

The rain just kept falling, soaking the blankets, pouring off the umbrellas and utterly drenching us. But we’re British, we’ve come to watch the film so we will and a little rain won't stop us. I'm assuming some people bailed but there were enough crazy people remaining to brave the elements. The people sitting in front of us had all kitted themselves out with clear pack-a-macs with hoods. They looked like little gnomes sat in a row and the points of the hoods partially obscuring the lower part of the screen. Hence the curious shapes in front of my photographs.

As usual the Rocky Horror Picture Show requires audience participation, though the early scene where Brad and Janet are caught in the rain didn't need the customary newspaper held aloft to pretend, as we were living it for real. Some of the braver souls actually braved the deluge and ran around in skimpy outfits, for example Rocky in nothing but tiny gold shorts. Definitely braver than I. We discovered the unfortunate consequence of sensibly bringing our waterproof rugs. The torrential rain had no way to go so pooled around us until we could veritably paddle. It was about then I realised that wearing a silk taffeta skirt perhaps hadn't been the wisest choice! If I was going to run around like the other crazy people I'd have to acting as a drowned rat.

So's just a step to the left and a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ight!


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