Monday, 23 September 2013

Day 265 : milk and honey and moon!

We've been having a lovely, chilled evening hanging out at Milk and Honey again. Ever since LB introduced us to the the delights of a speakeasy cum private members’ club, I've been a huge fan. Fortunately LB invites us to partake in her membership privileges quite regularly and last night we all gathered to partake of cocktails, delicious food and cheer MB up, although not in that order! We have a great evening though a flu of us feel rather fragile around the edges, shades of flu and other infuriating seasonal changes malaise. So it's not a batting on until dawn sort of night but it’s still past the last tube and train home time. My favourite Soho cab company Phoenix do us a great deal as I am whisked home. The moon is pretty big tonight - not Cosmo’s moon size - but large enough to warrant try and capture it. Luckily someone else is still up at this time adding a welcome little warm glow to a corner of my picture.

Time for bed I think!


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