Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day 261 : black and white and red sauce!

Today was such a lovely late birthday treat and a catchup with old friends. My fairy goddaughter, KK, and I share a birthday and we'd yet to exchange presents. K with her two children are over from Singapore and I haven't seen K since she visited from their last home in Dubai. Z I've met once briefly three years ago but I'm sure he wouldn't remember and E, was only a couple of days old when I could have met her, but it was really late so we let her sleep. The idea was an early evening afternoon tea (as some of us work!) in the BB Bakery in Covent Garden. The children were highly entertained by amongst various delights, the animal erasers finally reaching KK and she was kind enough to donate a kangaroo and my favourite penguin to Z and E.

whilst the grown ups enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea the children licked the odd cupcake and played. Of course the moment we said it was time to pack up and leave they announced collectively that they were hungry, most likely for pasta. So we settled our bill at the bakery, gathered all the toys, bags, presents, take-home cakes, small rubber animals, ponies, drawing books and made our way to Carluccio’s. Then whilst the younger members of our group slurped their way through pasta, the older members drank a fine red wine. When as much possible mess had been made by both consuming spaghetti and colouring in the books about tomatoes (ugh!) they'd been furnished with I showed them how to make origami penguins and we took some pictures of tiny things. Even though I don't profess to be a portrait photographer I had some beautiful and willing subjects, so it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. I preferred the calmness of the B&W and opted to remove the spaghetti sauce in post-processing. Well it just looks like weird dirty marks in monochrome and spoil a very rare portrait from me!


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