Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 268 : not a postcard

Tonight’s Frui social was located around St. Paul’s Cathedral. The team challenge tonight was recreating a scene from North by Northwest. I think we managed pretty well having our “Cary Grant” being pursued by a paper aeroplane but I don't have a copy on my camera. For our individual challenge we had to take a photograph of St. Paul’s Cathedral that you'd never see on a postcard.

My plan was to find a weird quirky angle and just capture a piece of St. Paul’s, abstract but still recognisable. I’d found a promising spot on a previous social here but looked at lots of other viewpoints too. I just kept returning to my initial thought of standing on my tiptoes near the bike racks. The buildings nearest to me obscured most of the dome. It didn't do too well points wise, I'm not sure I fully understand the concept “not fit for a post card” as one could argue that just a poor photograph could scoop the top prize. Maybe mine was too “nice”!


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