Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day 250 : end of summer

Everyone seems to feel that the summer has officially ended. It was a lovely bright day today but a little nippy around the edges. I’d met some old friends and new friends in Richmond today. They’d had about four hours of drinking head start on me. This isn't just because I was late or (usual excuse) stuck at the office, I had a much needed hair appointment scheduled so planned to join them afterwards. They'd been watching the regatta but were feeling a little chilled sat by the river in the White Cross, so were eager to move inside somewhere.

We decided to walk across Richmond Green and visit the White Swan but we still decided to catch the last few rays of summer in their tiny garden. I guess it was more sheltered than by the river though so we just about coped.

After T and M headed back to Cockfosters, S and K suggested I join then in Barnes for tequila and undisclosed fun. I was sorely tempted having no plans but I hadn't anticipated the cooling temperature and hadn't prepared accordingly also, and boringly, I was very tired after a few late nights in the office this week. So I bailed and walked back over Richmond Bridge.

The sky was so wonderfully brooding and the sunset had added vibrant contrasting orangey purple streaks splashed across the horizon. The ducks are making their way over to the far bank where they roost for the night. My trusty camera is slung over my shoulder and now it lives in a roomier case, I can keep the baby tripod attached permanently so night shots are easier.

There are quite a few people leaning over the stone balustrade of the bridge, a couple with camera phones, they are enjoying the last vestiges of our summer light show like me. Brrr, might have to flick the central heating on!


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