Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 249 : the arrival of Pengzilla!

It's probably not a great surprise that I kept a penguin for myself from the Iwako rubber collection, it was my favourite. And seemingly a few others agreed as Mr. Dark Cloud claimed a penguin and I also gave one to A-A for her little half-French son. The latter was immediately christened Emile le pingouin!

I figured that the rubber penguin would look rather alarming to my much tinier HO penguins and thought I'd trying a photograph their first encounter. Initially I tried a set-up on the window sill but there was too much noise in the picture so I switched to a plain white table in the office whilst there was still some daylight left, to set up a little tableau.

I posted the resultant rather crazy picture on Facebook and AL called the mighty penguin Pengzilla which I loved, so that's his name now.

Out of the mist a ghostly flippered figure emerges. The diminutive penguins didn't know how they should react. Should they run and hide, try and make friends or worship the mighty Pengzilla? Decisions, decisions!


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