Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 244 : too much night

Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting my images for the October London Photo Festival. I've changed my mind several times and nearly everyone else I've consulted has picked different pictures. I possibly think I know which I'm going to choose but there are hours yet, so much time to change my mind again and again and again!

I had hoped for a final night shot in Richmond but the lure of Jamie’s Union Jacks in Chiswick with a very fine pork chop kept me away long past the golden hour(s). Of course if you had a tripod (I had a mini one) you can shoot when the sky is black. But really you can lose a lot of the nuances and twilight gives you a lot more depth. I like the effect of the White Cross neon light in the Thames but I still should have shot it earlier. Now I just need to sleep on my final decision for the photo festival.


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