Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 257 : like a hairy goat?

Ever since been handed a flyer about The Hairy Goat photography tours and workshops whilst rushing for a bus to the office outside Waterloo, I was determined to check them out. Apparently “hairy goat” is an Australian (though I failed to have this verified by any of my Aussie friends) alternative to “headless chicken” as in “Running around like a...”

They have these mystery walks with a camera around London that caught me eye, several workshops and there's also an intermediate workshop that's starts with a couple of hours of tuition plus a mystery walk. And that's what I signed up for today.

Only two of us had signed up on the dotted line today so we met over coffees and hot chocolate at Waterloo to see where the gaps were in our knowledge. Rob our tutor decided we both needed to embrace manual mode more rather than aperture. Then we hit the Southbank to try some of his suggested techniques. It was interesting to see if we could lift details from an extraordinarily bland sky, in camera. As we walked further we came across a carrousel with a small queue of eager children waiting to board. On a grey day it was a welcome burst of gaudy colour. I purposely picked the horses without riders as I preferred the slightly more stark and surreal look. It captures the cacophony of the moment. It was fun wandering around looking for quirky little angles. The rain mostly stayed away but Corinna’s mantra (the owner of Hairy Goat Photography Tours) is that often the most interesting photographs come out of the rain. I will admit, raindrops on roses, leaves, on metal and reflections in puddles I do love but I don't like getting wet myself. I always enjoy dedicating some quality time with my camera rather than snatching a few moments in between my real life when I'm running around like a headless chicken/hairy goat/whatever, one of the reasons I like going on workshops.

I'm not entirely comfortable with losing the seemingly safety net of slipping back into aperture priority quite yet, but very happy to practice until it’s second nature. I just need to schedule some more camera-me time!


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