Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Day 246 : skyscrapers without skyscrapers

I’ve finished my appointments for the day, The sky is blue, and I'm at Canary Wharf. I feel the need capitalise on that happy sky whilst it lasts. I opt to stand on the corner outside Waitrose and look straight up a try a get a few converging lines. I recall trying to get a similar shot in New York whilst, coincidentally sporting the most skyscraper-ish, most vibrant pair of pink sparkling high heels - well it was my last night in New York. The problem with trying to capture such a shot in such unsuitable (yet fabulous) footwear is that your centre of gravity is off when you look up and lean back and you're in grave danger of falling over. Today I'm less crazily shod, not sensible by other’s standards but there's a more substantial heel to balance on but the buildings aren't as dense. Not a too bad attempt though.

I capture the building opposite that has the railing around the roof, to the right the very tall Citi building, One Canada Square (the tallest but looks dwarfed here as it’s the furthest from me), the HSBC building with a bandage over the ’C’ and the corner of the Waitrose building with the Plateau restaurant above.


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