Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 252 : proper rain

Today the weather wanted to prove a point. It was keen to point out that summer was so last week and now we’re in the throws of Autumn. Start swaddling yourself in pashminas, remove your cashmere jumpers from their moth proof bags, check the dial on your central heating, start stockpiling logs for the wood burning stove, and begin pondering your winter coats and knee-high boots. It wasn't so cold but there was certainly a lot of serious rain. I was on my way out in this very wet rain to grab some lunch but I thought I’d see if the heavy precipitation had enlivened our curiously half-dead garden out the back of our office. To be fair it's anything flowering or trying to flower that looks like it needs life support, the hedges look healthy enough but generally rather dull. Everything seems well clipped and pruned so someone looks after this garden but possibly a someone devoid of green fingers. Today the raindrops had made the leaves adorning the various shrubbery look a bit more interesting. The pink and red umbrella I'm trying to shelter under whilst photographing (fairly unsuccessfully) is giving everything a pleasing rosy glow, which is a nice contrast to the verdant green raindrops.


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