Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 267 : tick, tock

The large four-faced clock at Waterloo Station is a popular meeting spot. I'm sure it's seen many assignations, friends gathering in their finery heading off to the Ascot races, before the Eurostar relocated to King’s Cross St. Pancras excitable parties would congregate before checking in for Paris and groups setting of for adventures start here. I've met other photographers here before we set off for a mystery photography excursion. The funny thing is if you’re meeting someone you don't know, as I did recently for a Hairy Goat workshop, there are so many people milling around under the clock I couldn't fathom out who I should be introducing myself to.

The clock has been swathed in plastic for ages whilst the Waterloo Station refurbishment has been taking place. But some of the refurbishment it complete as there's a new mezzanine level encircled by shops and restaurants. I'm stood at the edge of the little café, on level with said clock after stocking up on more rubber animals from Paperchase. AL took some fabulous photographs of the inner workings of a clock tower recently and though nowhere near as intricate as AL’s gorgeous black and white shots, I'm inspired to at least try and capture the clock sans plastic covering by getting as close as possible.


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