Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day 57 : a good day to photograph hard

Tonight I scored a ticket for a private viewing of Die Hard 5 - a good day to die hard. I have to admit I haven't actually seem Die Hard 1, 2, 3 or 4 so I didn't really knew what to expect other than lots of action. Almost immediately I was rather taken by the cinematography, often odd, in the initial close up shots I was mesmerised by the camera moving all over the place making a quite moment feel very dizzy. Later the CGI kicked in with a vengeance so much so I felt I was watching cut scenes on a good graphic shoot ’em up. I kept pondering if there was any intact car left in Moscow, that would be a huge clean up bill! Then more spiralling camera shots, I wondered if they'd utilised the new Canon 5D Mark iii instead of more traditional video camera, hmmm how to check? Not being able compare to previous films as said my main thought is that John McClane (and son Jack) seem curiously impervious to being shot at, involved in all manner of major vehicle pile ups, run over, falling through floors, impaled by metal rods, jumping through glass windows, attacked by helicopter blades, blown up...repeatedly. And they end up with a few artful grazes. Hmmmm.
Anyway I was right, kind of...Canon 5D was referred to in the credits but I don't know if they shot the entire film using them, just the weird shaky bits (tripods people!) or none of it.
On exitting the cinema into the quiet of Soho Square, I was immediately drawn to a restaurant or bar opposite all lit up in the pretty colours. My first thought was - that's exactly what I need after that film...pretty colours!


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