Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 50 : tunnel love

Just occasionally a place you rush past regularly makes you pause in your dashing and take another look. This morning it was the tunnels at Bank station after disembarking from the Waterloo and City tube that momentarily stopped me in my tracks. Despite being at this station many hundreds of times I'm fairly sure I've never been in the tunnel at this end, as I always get the travolator and leave the station or hop onto the Central line. Normally the commuters scurrying hither and thither block the view down the tunnel but there was a sudden window of opportunity of emptiness so I could grab this shot.

I love the look of it, a little sinister, something curiously reminiscent of an old episode of the Avengers or a spy thriller. Perhaps this isn't entirely implausible as because the less than 1 1/2 miles of the Waterloo and City line is closed on Sunday, it often doubles for random platforms and tubes in films and dramas. The game changing incident on the tube in Sliding Doors was shot here don't you know. Next time I see a chase through tube passes as I’ll have to check if it matches my photograph.


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