Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 38 : forbidden!

I'm visiting a place that I don't think I’ve ever been to before - Isleworth Station. I used to visit around here occasionally for work many, many years ago but I think the station has until now alluded me. Other than the fact that stairs are not being my friends at the moment, I like its elevation and see the silvery track shooting off into the distance as straight as an arrow. I'm guessing if I could see that far, beyond my gaze would be Staines, Windsor, Eton and eventually Reading.

There was nothing of particular note but I rather liked the scallops on the somewhat dilapidated wooden platform roof against the blue sky so I positioned myself to clear some overhanging trees. I managed just one shot before cries of “no, hey, you, stop!” and realised a stumpy red-faced main in a blue uniform was hurtling over pointing aggressively at my innocent little camera. “You can't do that here, there are bylaws you know!” I looked around for some evidence verifying that but he was determined that I was defying a law and mumbling something about national security. Luckily my train chugged into the station defusing the situation.

So in flagrant violation of, I don't entirely know what, as it seems on further investigation that Mr Jobsworth was being a little over enthusiastic. Flash photography is very much frowned upon (no, definitely not), as is wearing a day-glo colour that could be confused for a high-vis jacket (I admit I had a fuchsia pink skull scarf tucked into my black coat), taking photographs of any security cameras is a big no-no (sounds boring to me) or selling photographs taken at a train station (nope, never sold anything). So I think I'm within the law, but if my blog gets taken down for illegal activity it's been nice knowing you all!


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