Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day 44 : a little light goes a long way!

The earlier rain has slicked the pavements and coupled with the gloss painted wooden panels, the glow from the vibrant Tower Hill roundel and the station office lights are illuminating the final approach to the tube. I love how just a few small lights can totally transform this gloomy spot.

It's a funny little corner of London, on the left of the picture is the best preserved remnant of the Roman London wall and on the right a pair of incongruously sited benches. I can't really imagine why you'd want to linger in right here, the Tower of London is across the road, to be sure, but I'm pretty confident you'd be pushed to see a single turret perched here. Perhaps the journey on the District line has exhausted you and you can droop into this handy bench whilst you recompose. Also there are Jack the Ripper tours that start close to here so maybe if you're really early you have a convenient point to pause, have a bite of your sandwich before hearing of all the gory details.

For me, I'm either surfacing from below ground on my final leg of my commute to the office or at the end of the day, basking in a little brightness at the beginning of my journey home.


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