Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day 48 : taking the time!

The intrepid photographers have been lured into one of the several retro sweetshops lining the windy lanes of Rochester. The thoughts of Sour Apple Cubes, Sherbet Fountains, Cola Pips, Space Dust, Liquorice Laces and Cinder Toffee drew us in away from capturing the castle we’d been planning to. On leaving that little school days moment, clutching our crumpled paper bags there is an artist painting a picture of said sweetshop, totally dressed as you would if you were going to a fancy dress party as an artist. Outside also is an old man, looking rather dapper with a wonderful charismatic face. LA starts talking to him and asks if he can take his portrait. I can tell he’d make a great photo but I'm not inspired enough to lift my camera to my eye because it’s not generally the sort of photo I'd take.

The elderly gentleman mentions he’d like to include his pocket watch in the portrait. And in that moment, if there was any doubt how LA and my photographic influences differ, I immediately step forward to take a macro shot of his hand in fingerless gloves holding the watch (closed in my previous post) and open exposing the intricate workings here. LA gets him to pose looking stately, holding his watch proudly and has probably captured an amazing, touching portrait as is his wont. I’ll have to make do with the gold watch glistening in his palm.


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