Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 42. : unsharp!

Today the snow returned, well almost! It snowed but then it barely lingered. The cars had a thin layer mostly scraped up into meagre snowballs by the local schoolchildren but the gardens seemed mostly untouched. Relative temperature of plants versus metal I guess. Instead what remained was some of the reminders of the soaking we received yesterday.

On venturing out briefly on a very rainy Sunday I'd been looking yesterday for some examples of silvery rain drops decorating delicate leaves but I suspect there was just too much rain, or as the train operators are fond of saying, the wrong sort of rain.

This morning at the beginning of my commute, I did spot a rose bush, or the heavily pruned shadow of, sporting the quicksilver drops I been seeking. But with the best-laid plans of mice and photographers my photographs of the denuded rose were just not sharp, heinous crime! So no, your eyes are not going skewiff, either the rose moved, the photographer moved or both! So the basic theme for tomorrow’s photograph is sharp, pin-sharp, tack-sharp, razor-sharp!


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