Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day 59 : a secret room

So I'm off to meet everyone for drinks after work tonight at the chosen venue of Wilton's. Wilton’s is a local much loved bar in addition to be the world’s oldest music hall. It is unfortunately suffering from a rather large need for renovation, they are starting to work on it but that need a mere £2 million plus to get everything back in order. I’m late leaving the office but sure they will still be here, they have few hours (well about five) ahead of me but that’s fine by me. I can’t find them in the several crowded rooms downstairs so climb up the rather dilapidated stairs to the two rooms above. Hmmm, they're not there either. I check downstairs again, there's a Great Gatsby event going on and various flappers dancing around swinging their pearls. But I can't find anyone so I go outside but no one is there either. I figure whilst I’m here waiting for someone to respond to my messages, I should take a few photographs. It is fascinating building, inside and out. Yes it’s crumbling in places, many places, it's quirky, the straight lines are not very straight at all. The paint is peeling, seriously, and the woodcarvings need some TLC but it’s a great building.

I am standing by the front door and look up to the wonderful ornate metal lamps and canopy of fairy lights illuminating the chatting smokers below. I am determined that this will make a good photo so I position myself directly underneath the lamp, square to the building but there's a problem. Nothing about the building is square. The lamp is skew, the walls are leaning and no matter where I stand nothing lines up. But it is beautiful!

I never find the rest of the group. It turns out that they are upstairs after all, but when it got crowded they were move into a room none of us even knew existed before. But the weirdest thing is that room the outside of the door to this new room is a fake bookshelf disguising the room behind. Sneaky, no wonder I couldn't find them, they’re in a secret room. How fabulous, Wilton’s just gets better on every visit.


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