Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 40 : seeing red

Wow, I somehow made it to day 40, not always bang up-to-date but just about managed a post for each day. There are a couple of my photographs that I really like. If I had any doubt what I like to take pictures of it’s pretty much laid out in the last forty days. I love a good sunrise or sunset, a dramatic sky, tree branches, a close up of a flower - especially a pink one, abstract features, architectural lines, shadows, reflections, details, little shiny details.

As so much of day, especially the working ones, are spent commuting via trains, tubes and buses, they invariably feature in my daily photographic musings. What you generally don't see is people, I don't often take portraits, I like their abstract shapes but it’s very rare you see faces of people in my pictures. I adore other photographer’s pictures of people but generally not mine. I don't seem to do much “gritty” either, I'm more drawn to beautiful things. But then beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

This morning was a little gloomy, or flat really, which is sometimes the perfect day to photograph flowers and other flora, you're less distracted by too much shininess or shadows. It seems quite brave that plants are unfurling their protective leaves and turning their thoughts to spring. There are threats of further snow and that would certainly surprise Mother Nature. I'm definitely drawn to the pinks, the reds and the more vivid plants and blooms, so this was calling me!



  1. Would this happen to be a Red Robin by any chance - very appropriate for you Jo

    1. Thank you John. Sadly a robin has so far alluded me, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled!