Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 43 : tack-sharp!

I wasn't too delighted yesterday with a shot that was just a tiny bit off focus, not quite blurry but in the vicinity of and today was determined to do better and aim for “tack-sharp” - a word that gets bandied about a lot when looking at photographs. And whilst pondering what that should be I thought it might be so apt to grab one of my teeny, tiny Preiser HO scale photographers (doesn't everyone have one?) and a few thumb tacks. I've been meaning to play around these little figures for ages, I was inspired by both a project in a magazine and of course on first viewing, totally enraptured by Slinkachu and his Little People in the City project so had been determined to have a go myself.

I carefully chose the figures I wanted to experiment with online, and two things were evident when they arrived. Firstly, I was immediately thwarted by their impossibly miniature size and can see now why Slinkachu glues his figures permanently in his little scenarios. And secondly, the paint colours are random and my photographers are awful, nasty double-denim and just an odd clash of colours. I thought they'd be the same as the images online which were slightly more palatable, however I’m assuming as they're hand-painted it’s entirely due to whim of the painter. I chose this figure because of the typical photographer stance, he’s really working it. But if I can possibly master Slinkachu’s talent for remodelling these figures I would definitely alter them and revamp their wardrobes.

I used Pritt to glue my diminutive snapper to my notebook and hence stay upright. Luckily I always carry my tiny Manfrotto tripod in my handbag, the one you can keep permanently attached to your camera if your camera case has enough depth (mine doesn't!) which is crucial for such a macro shot. I think it’s probably lucky I waited until I had a camera with such a wide aperture as I suspect my previous may have struggled a tiny bit. The image is the original size, no post-processing zooming and cropping, so I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! Tack-sharp today do you think? Not bad for a 1:87 gauge figure!

I don't think Slinkachu needs to fear the competition but I'll definitely be revisiting a miniature world and see what else I can do.


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