Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 41 : blood, sweat and raindrops

My inspiration for today’s photograph was “snake” in honour of the Chinese New Year, now the year of the snake. But where was I going to procure a snake on this rainy, rainy day? It then seemed more sensible to concentrate on the rain, as there's no doubt there is an abundance of material for rain-soaked images today.

And then it was apparent that there was rather a lot of rain on the inside as well. Above my bay window is a balcony and occasionally it has been prone to leak. Today was most definitely “one of those days”. I dashed up to cover the electrical sockets near the window in case they got splashed and in my eagerness somehow knocked over a porcelain bowl which smashed at my feet. Luckily, as nice as the bowl was, I had no particular attachment to it so won't mourn the loss. Then to add to my incredible luck (read - wanton carelessness!) I tripped over the remaining broken chunk of the bowl whilst carefully picking up all the broken shards and rather dramatically sliced a couple of my toes. I thought I'd just knocked my foot, most likely generating a bruise for tomorrow. But glancing down, there seemed to be a small, dark red pool forming where I stood. Oops! I'm sure it’ll be fine but it's sure made a mess. The first dressings soaked through rather quickly and more red footprints appeared as I decided to be inspired by abstract closeups of the raindrops on the window and dripping off the wooden sash.

If I had set forth looking for serpent-ine subjects perhaps I'd still have an intact bowl and foot...but then if had been due to have “one of those days” perhaps the snake would have bitten me!


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