Friday, 22 February 2013

Day 53 : duck à la snow

Traditionally on Friday we indulge in some pre-weekend gastronomy at the St Katharine Dock food market. I'm late today because of various bits of client gubbins so I may actually have missed it all but I head over anyway. It’s cold, it feels like it might snow but there's no sign of it yet. As I walk by the tied up boats a pair of mallard ducks waddle past. The dowdy female’s striding ahead but the iridescent male stands and fronts me on the path or maybe he's just showing me his good side.

As I carry onto the market the snow that has been threatening starts to fall. Not big fluffy flakes but tiny hard crystals. I turn round to see where the ducks are but they’re not waddling down the path anymore. Hopefully they've found shelter from this bitter cold. Brrrr!


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