Monday, 25 February 2013

Day 56 : the obvious Tower Bridge shot

Normally me leaving the office and the relationship to my last train is officially “cutting it fine” so that doesn't leave time for little flights of photographic fancy. But tonight I had nearly 3 hours before those tube doors would close for the last time today (or strictly tomorrow morning as it departs at 00:21) so I could use some of this “fee-time” trying out some night shots without my three-legged friend. This is one of those situations when you think about what you take for granted. I pass this spot several times a day on the way to and from the office, I've worked in three different buildings, one of them twice and despite some days feeling there are more tourists than you could shake a stick at, this certainly is a beautiful place to work. There’s St Katharine Docks and all the little “and sometimes big) boats. All the history of the Tower of London with the occasional glimpse of a Beefeater, the majestic Tower Bridge and the sweep of the Thames with the illuminated bridges and cityscape beyond at night. And I really take it for granted. Here I am with my camera everyday and so much of my photography is on the tube trains or elsewhere and this needs to be addressed. We are finally upping sticks from this area soon, possibly in a matter of weeks and I should take these perfect opportunities when I can.

Tower Bridge with a time release of the traffic passing over it is rather a cliched shot but I haven't taken one of those photographs. Bring without my tripod, it’s not something I just keep in my work bag, means I have to get creative. I have my teeny, tiny tripod which helps with tipping the camera up or down but I need to stand it on a flat surface of suitable height to perform. The only vantage point I could ascertain was the metal crash barrier separating the pavement from the busy traffic. The sort of worked but only get me one angle. I really needed a slighter flatter area on top. All I could think of utilising was my iPad. But then sanity prevailed. Really what could go wrong in this scenario? I would be balancing my iPad precariously on a crash barrier dangerously close to passing transport whizzing hither and thither, and then balancing my camera on top. Hmmm that would be a fun conversation to have with the insurance company when the inevitable happened. So instead I promised myself I'd return on another day, soon, but with with a proper grown-up tripod!


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